1. With large salse volume of Shacman heavy trucks, Shacman is one of China top 500 enterprises. It is ranked the 24th in China machinery industry.
2. In recent 50 years, Shacman is one of the fastest growing car companies in China automobile industry.
3. Our company becomes the only designated military equipment production base for heavy duty off-road vehicles. The market share of heavy duty off-road vehicles reaches 95%.
4. Shacman heavy trucks have taken part in the 35th, the 50th and the 60th anniversary military parade of National Day. Our company was rewarded by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.
5. Shacman produced China’s first civilian truck SX161 with the load capacity of over 12 tons.
6. China’s first STEYR heavy truck assembly line was born in Shacman.
7. Our company possesses the best domestic industry chain for Germany MAN, CUMMINS, WEICHAI Power, FAST and HanDe Axle. We also own STEYR authentic configuration. Shaanxi Automobile Group is the only enterprise to export automobile assembly technology overseas.
8. It is the only enterprise that combines China three famous brands including Shacman Heavy Trucks, WEICHAI Power and HanDe Axle. It also combines four well-known trademarks, such as Shacman, WEICHAI, HanDe and FAST.
9. Shacman is one of China’s first export bases for vehicles and spare parts.
10. It is China’s first professional heavy truck manufacturer entering the European market.
11. Shacman heavy trucks are in the leading position among China’s heavy duty trucks (with 12 L large displacement and high horsepower).
12. Our company developed the first domestic gas tractor truck with high horsepower and multiple world’s leading patented technologies. We focus on high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
13. Shacman’s two major projects including “Heavy-Duty LNG Commercial Vehicle Product Development” and “Single Fuel CNG Vehicles between Cities Running Assessment” are identified as the major projects of Eleventh Five-Year National 863 Program. This establishes Shacman’s technological leading position in domestic heavy-duty automotive sector.
14. Our company owns Germany MAN and STEYR core R & D and manufacturing technology. We also possess worldwide Germany MAN F2000 technology and manufacturing equipment and process.
15. Shacman heavy trucks adopt Germany MAN patented technology to produce exhaust valve brake (WEVB), which is the first try in China. It is manufactured in accordance with international standards to ensure traffic safety.
16. We have built Asia’s largest and most technologically advanced commercial vehicle industry park. Shacman is famous for its state-of-the-art technology and excellent product quality. There is a state-level enterprise technical center and post-doctoral research station with a number of national experts who have made outstanding contributions, technology experts from China Ministry of Machinery, senior engineer and Dr. returnees. Our company has first-class product development capability.
17. In 2001, Shacman launched the first Shacman heavy truck service brand in heavy duty industry: Intimate Service. It becomes a service model in the heavy truck industry.
18. In July, 2006, Shacman released the first brand declaration in heavy duty truck industry in the Great Hall of the People. It is “Be famous all over the world, use morality to win the world, good quality accomplishes a better future”. Our company creates an era of China’s heavy truck brand.
19. In April, 2007, Shacman is the first enterprise to ceremoniously release the “Blue Book of China Truck Driver Survival Status”. In June, we successfully initiated and organized the first Chinese truck driver festival. We won the contribution award for the third “China Best Brand Building Case”.
20. In 2007, the “Intimate Service” was fully upgraded. We launched the “Big S” project, which establishes a new benchmark for heavy truck service.
21. In April, 2008, our company spent 100,000 yuan to collect the “Song of China Truck Driver”. On 28, September, the second China truck driver festival (“Song of China Truck Driver-A Brighter Future”) was held. Shacman became the birthplace and advocate of Chinese truck culture.
22. On May12, 2008, a 7.8-Richter-scaled earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China. Shacman was the first enterprise in heavy truck industry to donate nearly 8 million yuan of funds and materials to the disaster-affected people. Our company also established an earthquake relief service commando that is in charge of free maintenance service for Shacman heavy trucks, including nearly 400 Shacmani military vehicles and more than 100 commercial vehicles participated in disaster relief.
23. On June 19, 2008, our company successfully held the “2008 National Ⅲ Heavy Truck Users Wealth Trip” activity. It allows users to fully understand how to use authentic National Ⅲ heavy duty truck to create more wealth in the new situation and new environment.
24. On September 9, 2008, Shacman was awarded the title of “China Brand Innovation Champion”. It became the only enterprise in the heavy truck industry to be selected in the “Asia Top 500 Brand”.
25. From 2006 to 2007, Shacman occupied the most market growth rate in China.
26. In January, 2008, Shacman National III series heavy duty truck came into the market. It led a National III trend in heavy truck industry.
27. In March, 2008, our company created a new record that tens of thousands of Shacman duty trucks were produced and sold in March.
28. In December, 2008, it was the only enterprise in heavy duty truck area to win the “Chinese Enterprise Marketing Innovation Award”.
29. In April, 2009, the only heavy truck new energy research development and application laboratory in China heavy-duty truck industry was founded in Shanghai by Shaanxi Automobile Group, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Chang’an University. It also released the first green declaration, i.e., “2009 Shacman Heavy-Duty Truck Green Declaration” in China heavy duty truck industry, which is to create a new energy heavy truck base.
30. In May, 2009, Shaanxi Automobile Group won the third China auto industry independent innovation award.
31. In July, 2009, heavy truck cross-country race enter China for the first time. Shacman heavy truck was elected as the only designated racing vehicle for the 2009 National Super Truck Off-Road Competition. This filled the blank of China truck in off-road races.
32. On September 15, 2009, Shacman Delong F3000 came into being. It is the only domestic heavy truck enterprise adopting pure German MAN technology. It is quite suitable for long-distance high-speed transport.
33. In 2009, Shacman heavy truck intimate service “Con Express” was started. It won the most satisfaction in heavy duty truck industry. It is well known for high service efficiency, good guarantee and excellent quality. It is well received by our customers. 
34. In 2010, we achieved sales of 100,000 heavy trucks, with an increase of 71%. The sales income reached 24.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 81%. The total pre-tax profits are more than 1.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 136 %. We successfully complete the strategic objective of “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”.
35. In 2011, sales of Shcman heavy trucks exceeded 100,000, with 11.36% market share and 1.53% increased share. Our company also achieved the sales income of 24.7 billion yuan, with 800 million yuan of total pre-tax profits. It laid a developing foundation for the “12th Five-Year” strategic initial stage.
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