Dedicated in production of Shacman automobiles, Shaanxi Automobile Group is an important R & D base for China automobile industry development. On November 5, 2008, the state validated enterprise technical center (post-doctoral research station) inaugural ceremony was held in Shacman commercial vehicle industrial park. The national-level technology center and post-doctoral research station has not only become a research and testing base for Tsinghua University and Xi’an Jiaotong University, but also opened a new chapter in the development of Shacman automobiles, especially heavy duty trucks. It is a significant symbol for strengthening Shacman’s independent innovation capability and improving its core competitiveness and R & D capability.

As famous heavy duty truck manufacturer, we possess many national-level experts who have made outstanding contributions, machinery technology experts from China Ministry of Machinery, senior engineers and Dr. returnees in Shacman enterprise technical center and post-doctoral research station. They are in charge of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan 863 major research project subject.

To improve Shacman automobiles, in April 2009, the only heavy truck new energy research development and application of laboratory in China heavy duty truck industry as established in Shanghai by Shaanxi Automobile Group, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Chang’an University. Shacman also announced the first green declaration in China heavy truck industry. It is the 2009 Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck Green Declaration. Our company tries best to construct China’s most complete and most advanced new energy heavy duty truck base and industrial clusters, and makes unremitting efforts to build the world green new energy heavy truck with proprietary brand. The establishment of heavy truck new energy R& D and application laboratory marks that Shacman automobile is in the leading position on technical aspect of the green new energy heavy truck. At present, Shacman makes full use of national-level technical center and postdoctoral research station to make research of new energy vehicle projects. The establishment also makes Shacman become the only production base that realizes new energy vehicle industrialization and heavy duty truck new energy research.

The electric terminal tractor is a new Shacman automobile recently developed by this foumous heavy duty truck manufacturer to achieve energy conservation. It is of environmental significance. It firstly achieves the EV application in heavy duty tractor truck and reaches domestic leading level.
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