F2000 6×4 Tractor Truck

F2000 6×4 Tractor Truck

F2000 6×4 tractor truck uses towing engine and an additional semi-trailer to carry or transport heavy goods like container, cars, stones, etc. It is typically suitable for long distance transportation for construction machinery. In addition to this trailer head, we also provide dump truck, garbage truck, powder truck, crane truck, water truck, oil tank truck, concrete mixer truck and cargo truck. Customers can choose the suitable tractor truck according to specific transportation requirements.


  • Shacman F2000 6×4 tractor truck adopts four-point suspension cab that is comfortable and spacious. This tractor head features compact structure, elegant line, wide vision, large door opening angle and large cab tilting angle.
  • Shanqi F2000 6×4 trailer head enjoys the advantages of light weight, high load capacity, strong power, high reliability, strong climbing ability and high speed.
  • This tractor head is easy and convenient to maintain.

Technical Specifications of F2000 6×4 Tractor Truck

Max. Speed (km/h) 92
Drive System 6 × 4
Dimension  (L × W × H) (mm) 6600 / 6645 × 2490 × 3710 / 4000
Curb Weight (kg) 9100
Total Mass (kg) 25000
Wheel Base  (mm) 2925 plus 1350
Wheel Track (mm)  (F/R)   1939 / 1800
Overhang (mm)  (F/R) 1525 / 800
Approach / Departure Angle (°) 16 / 66
Engine WD12.375 / WD12.420 (WEICHAI, Euro II)
Horsepower 375 / 420 HP
Gearbox 12JSD160T / 12JSD180T (FAST GEAR)
Clutch Ф 430 diaphragm type
Steering  Engine ZF technology
Cab MAN F2000 flat/high roof cabin with A/C and sleeper
Axle Front 7.5 tons 
Rear 13 ton hub reduction axle, final ratio: 4.42
Tire 11.00R20 / 12.00R20 / 12R22.5 / 315 / 80R22.5 (10+1)
Fifth Wheel 50 / 90
Fuel Tank (L) 380
Towing Weight (kg) 60000 to 80000

Shaanxi Automobile Group is a professional manufacturer of F2000 6×4 tractor trucks in China. We have over 40-year production experience of trailer heads. In addition to this tractor head, our products also cover off-road vehicles, medium-duty trucks, large and medium-sized coaches, medium and light-duty trucks, minivan, new energy vehicles, heavy-duty axles, light axles, Cummins engines, automobile parts, etc. SHACMAN trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.

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