F2000 8×4 Dump Truck

F2000 6×4 Cargo Truck

Shacman F2000 8×4 dump truck is extensively applied in engineering, mining, urban construction, transportation and other places. This heavy duty dump truck is typically used for the construction of municipal buildings and large industrial and mining sector delivery of various building materials including ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk materials. Shanqi self-discharging truck can also be used to transport mine, ore and coal. F2000 8×4 dump truck is equipped with 8×4 drive system. Our company has a professional R & D team for manufacturing heavy duty dump trucks. They are well received by our customers all over the world.


  • Shacman F2000 8×4 self-discharging truck features compact structure, elegant appearance and wide filed of vision. It is also very comfortable and spacious.
  • This type of heavy truck is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic cylinder absorbing overseas technology.
  • F2000 8×4 heavy duty dump truck is also installed with pneumatic pilot valve and pneumatic distributing valve.
  • The chassis of this self-discharging truck is of high quality and good performance.
  • The door opening angle and cab tilting angle are big. It is easy for maintenance.
  • Matched with WEICHAI engine, Shacman heavy duty dump trucks enjoy the advantages of strong carrying capacity, strong power, high reliability, strong climbing ability and high speed.

Technical Parameters of F2000 8×4 Dump Truck

Max. Speed (km/h) 77
Drive System 8× 4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) Overall 10329 × 10435 × 3450
Tipper Body 7600 / 7800 × 2300 × 1500
Thickness (mm) floor: 8 ; side: 6, or at buyer’s option
Hydraulic Lifting System 180 / HYVA front lifting
Curb Weight (kg) 14600
Total Mass (kg) 31000
Wheel Base  (mm) 1800 plus 3600 plus 1350
Wheel Track (mm)  (F/R)   1939 / 1800
Overhang (mm)  (F/R) 1525 / 2154
Approach / Departure Angle (°) 28 / 20
Engine WD615.50 / WD12.336 ( WEICHAI, Euro II)
Horsepower 336 / 375 HP
Gearbox RTD-11509C / 12JSD160T (FAST GEAR)
Clutch Ф 430 diaphragm type
Steering  Engine ZF technology
Cab MAN F2000 mid-lengthened flat roof cabin with A/C and sleeper
Axle Front 2*6.5 ton
Rear 2*13 ton hub reduction axle, final ratio: 5.73
Tire 11.00R20 / 12.00R20 / 12R22.5 / 315 / 80R22.5 (10+1)
Fuel Tank (L) 380

Shaanxi Automobile Group is a professional supplier of F2000 8×4 self-discharging trucks in China. Shanqi has over 40-year development and construction experience of heavy duty dump trucks. In addition to this dump truck, our products also cover off-road vehicles, medium-duty trucks, large and medium-sized coaches, medium and light-duty trucks, minivan, new energy vehicles, heavy-duty axles, light axles, Cummins engines, automobile parts, etc. Shacman F2000 8×4 self-discharging trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, and so forth.

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